Enter the VR Markets in a New Medium

We believe VR is the future for both the audience and brands to communicate intimately with another. As the VR market grows with the projection of hundreds of million VR devices sold and billions of dollars invested in the future, we aim to provide brands with the tools and experience they need to hop onto the promising medium.


Create Your Vision

We help companies and studios develop interactive and entertaining experiences that engage the audiences in a way that encourages them to interact around the content and Amaze community. Work with our proprietary software, custom production materials, and the top VR production teams, so that we can build your vision into a reality. 


The Amaze Platform

Amaze ranked #1 free app in the Gear VR Oculus Store within five months of its debut!

The Amaze Platform features premium, exclusive, and community created VR content through Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream. We release new content on a weekly basis, and feature paid interactive content on a monthly basis. We make it easy for content creators and viewers to interact with each other by providing the ability to manage channels, rate the content and leave voice recorded comments.


Previous Partners

Just to name a few....

We've worked Rolling Stone, US Weekly, AMC, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Gatorland, and Temple Dance Club and more!


Create Something Amazing.