Operations Manager

Job Title:  Operations Manager

Job Duties: Responsible for the operational management and direction of the company in the virtual reality content production and technology industry, particularly with K-pop, a genre of popular music originating in South Korea.  Establish and recommend policies and objectives, as well as operational systems aimed at improving operational efficiency, productivity and profitability.  Develop and establish strategic sales and marketing objectives and goals to improve overall business performance.  Analyze key operational areas, including human resources, organizational development, finances, technology, sales and marketing, customer service - to evaluate performance of company; set quality standards; and determine areas of cost reduction and policy change.  Identify personnel development needs and formulate and implement training, development and performance appraisal policies and programs.  Review productivity, operations and sales/marketing reports, as well as financial, accounting and budgeting data, highlighting current operational practices, labor costs, and management processes to ensure that the company’s objectives are met.  Develop and maintain relationships with vendors and partners in the U.S., South Korea and other regions.  Coordinate activities and liaise with the Korean subsidiary relating to production, pricing, sales and distribution of products.  Assign responsibilities and oversee work being performed by subordinate support staff in operations and administration.

Job Requirements: Requires a Master’s degree in Operations Management, Engineering Management, Business Administration or related field, plus two (2) years of operational management or related management experience developing strategic business and operational decisions; analyzing and evaluating key operational areas to make recommendations on improving company performance; developing business growth policies and strategies; and developing personnel training and development programs and policies.

*Specific skills: Also requires experience or knowledge in the following: 1) Experience in financial analysis and projection; 2) Knowledge of digital marketing including online/mobile and social media marketing; 3) Experience using analysis tools such as SAS, SPSS and SQL; 4) Experience in business planning, budget allocation and activities relating to production, pricing, sales and marketing; and 5) Experience leading and supervising employees

*Any level of experience or knowledge in the specific skills is acceptable.

Send resume to: Seung Joon Lee / Re: OM, AmazeVR, Inc., 8730 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 290, West Hollywood, CA 90069