Job Title:  CTO

Minimum Req.: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent field

Employment experience required: 84 months of experience as an Engineer

Job duties: 
1) Manage and supervise overall technical activities and plans 
2) Set and modify technical goals and plans for the company 
3) Supervise and direct architecting distributed application server for handling massive traffic more than 1 million connection at a time by using Spring Framework, Scalar, Netty, Java, C++ 
4) Supervise architecting 8k video streaming server and client module by using ffmpeg library. 
5) Supervise architecting and implementing 3d client application by using Unity engine, C#, Maya Mel 
6) Report to CEO and confer with management regarding technical reports and plan 
7) Supervise and direct carrying out technical plans of the company, if necessary, modify the technical plan of the company 
8) Direct, review or approve technical project plan and reports 
9) Manage the coordination and overall integration of technical activities in architecture or engineering projects. 
10) Direct recruitment, placement, and evaluation of engineers

Special Requirement 
- 4 years of experience using C++, C#, Java, Scala language
- 2 years of experience using Spring, STL, Netty, ffmpeg Library
- 2 years of experience using Maya Mel Script
- 2 years of experience using Unity
- At least 4 years of experience of supervising engineers

Contact Person:
Send resume to (write “CTO Position” in the email subject line)