Job Openings

Job Title:  UX Designer

Minimum Req.: Master’s Degree in Fine Arts or Interactive Telecommunication  

Employment experience required? : 12 months

Job duties: 

  1. Lead development and graphic layout designing for media related mobile applications, websites, logos, illustrations and marketing material of Company for web, tablet, iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Be responsible for new interactive interfaces including sketches, user flows, wireframes, models, mockups and prototypes for Company products (using languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and using tools such as Framer.Js and Principle).
  3. Organize and manage user experience and user interface (UX/UI) improvement for Company products and to plan projects on improving UX/UI design.
  4. Intake end-user input and feedback to revise and refine interactive interfaces of Company products, to improve usability and user satisfaction.
  5. Utilize vector graphics editors and design software such as Sketch to create unique graphic content and user experience material. 
  6. Create original visual brand identity for Company and Company products utilizing graphic design programs and illustration tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
  7. Collaborate on marketing strategy, design and execution of marketing tasks of Off2, Inc. with Business Development team. 
  8. Conduct research for market trends, UX/UI trends, images, photos and graphics and report to COO. 
  9. Communicate design intent and collaborate with Design, Business Development and Product Management teams to create product content tailored to user demand and Company vision.
  10. Lead information architecture design and deliver polished end-product design for each release of company applications by following through on details with Engineering division. 
  11. Review design and layouts of other UX designers and engineers and suggest improvements during various phases of visual content development. 

Special Requirement

  1. 1 year of experience using Javascript/HTML/CSS building wireframes & prototypes for visual and interaction design.
  2. 1 year of experience using Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop creating graphic visual content. 
  3. 1 year of UX design experience developing for Android &iOS platforms.
  4. 1 year of experience using Framer.Js and Principle building wireframes & prototypes for visual and interaction design. 

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